Furnishing People’s Futures

We are delighted to be celebrating 20 years supporting people across the local community afford to furnish a comfortable home.  As part of the 20th anniversary celebrations Home Basics are thrilled to unveil their new logo and website.

In an effort to reflect the needs of all those in our local community our new branding acknowledges the organisations positive impact on people, the environement and our local communities. The refreshed image importantly appeals to new audiences inspiring a reuse society among all ages across the Scottish Borders whilst still meeting the needs of our beneficiaries.

Supporting those most vulnerable is a primary objective of Home Basics.  Offering quality furniture items at an affordable and discounted rate to help them furnish a comfortable home.

The essence of our work has an even wider impact.  The very nature of appealing to community members to donate their unwanted furniture and household items has a positive effect on the environment.  The volume and quality of the products we receive puts Home Basics in a position to stock two retail stores in Walkerburn and Hawick and offer fantastic deals to everyone.

We are grateful that due to our donors and our customers, we work to combat issues of climate change, waste and challenge the minds of our local communities to consider opting to reuse quality items available prior to sourcing new.

Our new look aligns our original image of “home” whilst introducing the wider conversations around people, the environment and our local communities.  The vibrant colours offer impact and reach especially as we continue to inform younger audiences of the importance of reuse.  Our arrow represents the flow of wonderful donations coming in, and items being successfully rehomed.  The arrow holds us strong as an organisation to ensure we remain forward thinking and at the forefront of our working environment.