We Have Been Blessed!

What a privilege Home Basics has been served with the presence of Nessie Henderson for her wonderful 14+ years of volunteering.  Nessie began volunteering at Home Basics Walkerburn store in March 2006 and recently retired in October 2020.

Her dedication and commitment to the cause has been a joy to be in the company of.  It’s believed she has worked with innumerable volunteers and staff over the years contributing to and witnessing the organisation’s growth to help more vulnerable people locally.

Nessie, 92 lived in Stockbridge in Edinburgh before moving through to the Scottish Borders with her husband and children Ben, Nicola, Ian and Mark.  Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother she continued to choose to make time in her busy schedule to give back to others with her work.  Through the years of her volunteer service, she has contributed to supporting countless vulnerable people locally through the work of Home Basics.

Nessie has many strings to her bow through her professional experience in office work, care homes and the hospitality industry whilst also supporting an array of local charitable causes and local committees.  Many individuals have benefitted from her skills, and the impact of her volunteering work over the years has touched and enhanced countless lives.

Somewhat of a local celebrity, popular in our community and known fondly to many Nessie represented Home Basics at Queen’s Golden Jubilee where she met Queen Elizabeth.  She is also known to have met Judy Garland!  But her notable humility has kept her feet grounded and authentic making her a true delight to bump into on any day.

Dennis Fisher, Business Manager at Home Basics shares, “Nessie, it has been an honour to have worked alongside you.  You are an absolute inspiration to all that have been fortunate to know you in character and your impressive discipline to put others before yourself.  We cannot thank you enough for the hours and years of volunteering you have gifted to Home Basics and its cause.  You and your hard work will be sadly missed.  Thank you, from us all.”

Nessie plans to use her time going forward enjoying her much loved gardening.  We all wish her well, and know the garden will be very impressive indeed!