We have sent out referral forms to a wide range of eligible local organisations.  If you are in receipt of an eligible low income benefit you are entitled to be referred to us.

You are not able to refer yourself as the referring organisation should be asking you for proof of any benefits that you are receiveing in order to ensure that you are eligible for a referral.

Housing associations (SBHA, Eildon, Waverly etc) are able to refer.  You should ask the Tenancy Support Staff.

All Scottish Borders Council Social Work Departments have our forms as do health professionals and Citizen Advice Bureaus.

Once you have been referred and we have the completed referral form, you are then able to arrange to come in and make your choices.  You are able to visit us up to two times in the year that the referral is valid.  You are only eligable to be referred to us once in a twelve month period.

Referral customers that have to use their own money are entitled to discounts of up to 25% off most goods and up to 50% off delivery costs.  Some items are excluded from discount rates and discount can only be offered on delivery costs where the delivery van is going to the area anyway.

Before you come in to choose your items then you should have your keys to your property.  Nothing is able to be delivered until it is paid for.