Do Christmas Different This Year!

This year presented us all with an opportunity to remain mindful of our environment. We can choose to carry this awareness through our behaviours over Christmas.
We’ve three top tips today as we move through Advent.
🎄 Choose to Reuse: Save money; Prevent Waste; Seek out Unique Gifts; Support a Great Cause. The benefits are innumerable and ongoing! Visit and support as many of your local charity stores in the coming weeks to find all your one off gifts!
🌲 Choose Recycled Wrapping Paper or FSC® Certified Paper: Save and Reuse paper and gift bags received, for future wrapping.
🎄 Create Your Own Natural Decorations: Go for walk outside, in the woods if you’re able. Observe and absorb what is around you. Boost your wellbeing and get creative with your own decorating style.