Borders residents can help the environment by donating their old electricals for reuse

Newly expanded collection service of electrical items aims to collect around 3,000 quality household electricals for local residents to reuse at low cost

Householders and local businesses across the Southern Borders will be able to more easily declutter their unwanted electricals with immediate effect.  Home Basics are expanding their collection service of working electrical items to local residents in an effort to help protect the environment together.

Home Basics is aiming to collect an additional 3,000 of these appliances which will then be tested and made available for resale to local residents for a fraction of the cost of buying them new. The project will help to reduce electrical waste. Homes Basics hopes that a further 1,500 households will be helped, saving an estimated £125,000 compared to buying new electricals and preventing 40 tonnes of CO2 being released to the environment.

Recent research, by the not for profit Material Focus, has found that UK householders are hoarding 527 million small electrical items, an average of nearly 20 per household.  And the problem is set to get worse as waste electricals are one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world and the UK. Instead, the majority of electricals can either be reused or the materials contained in them recycled by being turned into anything from life-saving equipment to children’s playgrounds.

In a concerted effort to tackle this growing challenge, Material Focus have funded Home Basics to significantly expand their collection scheme as part of the Recycle Your Electricals Campaign.  The project provides two safety testing jobs in Hawick and numerous volunteer opportunities across both stores for locals to up skill or prepare for reemployment.  The scheme will collect kitchen appliances, household appliances, cookers, fridges, freezers, televisions and more on a daily basis, Monday to Friday.  PC’s and laptops will also be accepted and passed on to local organisations working with Home Basics in support of this campaign. In addition to the reuse scheme, non-reusable electrical waste will be fully recycled via Scottish Borders Council Household Recycling Centres.  Income generated from items donated to Home Basics will enable this project to become self sufficient.

Home Basics Business Manager Dennis Fisher states, “In partnership with Scottish Borders Council, we are keen to support the Recycle Your Electricals campaign and make it easier for local residents to declutter their electricals.  By donating to their local household reuse charity local people can do their bit to minimise waste and prevent carbon emissions whilst making quality items available to others at a low cost.  The Home Basics reuse model has already successfully prevented electrical items and many household items going to waste for over 20 years across the Scottish Borders.  The funding received from Material Focus helps build capacity to expand our reach in local communities to prevent more electrical waste and raise awareness.   Inspiring a reuse society among all ages across the Scottish Borders whilst still meeting the needs of our beneficiaries is a primary objective of Home Basics.  We are grateful to our donors and customers for working together to combat issues of climate change and waste.   Together we can challenge behaviours in local communities to choose to reuse quality items available prior to sourcing new.  We encourage everyone with non useable electrical items in their home to come forward and support this campaign.  ”

Scott Butler, Executive Director of Material Focus said: “This project is vital to ensuring that we make good use of our old electricals. Whether they are re-used or recycled – these items contain valuable materials that will otherwise be lost forever.  Our research has shown that in the UK we are hoarding over 527 million small electrical items, an average of 20 per household, which is why last year we launched the Recycle Your Electricals campaign.  We are delighted to be working with Home Basics who are one of a number of new reuse projects that we are funding in the UK.  So whether you are at home or work, please hunt out your old electricals and donate them to benefit your community.”

  • Home Basics Walkerburn and Hawick are delighted to accept working electrical items less than 10 years old.
  • Collection of reuseable electricals can be arranged via the sales team in Home Basics Hawick and Walkerburn store, or items can be donated to the stores during open hours of 10am to 3.45pm on weekdays. Large items in working order can be collected for free.  Home Basics are also working with local partners in Peebles and Hawick to maximise their capacity to accept more electrical waste.  Further information is available via the Home Basics website.
  • Home Basics work with Scottish Borders Council to encourage local residents to recycle their old electricals via their nearest household waste recycling centres.
  • The scheme will ensure that all items are safe, with Home Basics collecting, cleaning and testing reusable equipment before making it available in their shops for locals to purchase.
  • Their collection scheme will collaborate with other local organisations.  Home Basics provide peace of mind that all precautionary measures to protect donors and customers are being followed during the pandemic.

For further information on how to donate your electricals for reuse please contact the sales team in our Walkerburn and Hawick stores.   Non useable items should be taken for recycling to your local recycling centres.


Volunteer Opportunities!!

Become a Volunteer at Home Basics!
We are looking for reliable volunteers to help at both
Walkerburn and Hawick stores.

A variety of roles and responsibilities are on offer including General Store Assistant; Sales Assistant ; Warehouse Assistant; Driver Assistant; Sorting small items, displays, merchandising and cleaning.

Our teams are on hand to support all levels of volunteering and help upskill individuals seeking to gain employment.  Similarly we welcome people needing to keep focussed and connected to their community working together for a good cause.

Hours and days vary and can be flexible depending on the role.  Please contact the stores directly to discuss. 

Tel: Walkerburn 01896 870455 or Hawick 01450 363974 or Email

Some duties include:

    • Sales Support Volunteers- sales experience and electronic point of sale (EPOS) system experience an advantage.
    • Driver Support Volunteers (Walkerburn) Thursdays-  must be physically fit as these roles require heavy lifting and general warehouse assistance.
    • Sorting household donations and general team support.
    • Additional duties supporting roles in the Walkerburn workshop and portable appliance testing (PAT) assistance at both Walkerburn and Hawick, please call to discuss.

We offer opportunities to develop employability skills, gain valuable experience for your CV, and provide references for potential employers.

You will be

    •  A key part and a valued member of our small friendly team.
    • Encouraging people in your local community to choose to reuse.
    • Contributing to Home Basics’ impact on the environment, reducing landfill and supporting vulnerable people in need.
    • Keeping mentally active using your skills for a good cause.

To discuss your availability, please call our stores direct: Walkerburn 01896 870455 or Hawick 01450 363974.

Thank you for your interest.

Hooray! We Are (re)Opening!

We are delighted to confirm our stores are preparing to open!
  • WALKERBURN Store – Opens 10am MONDAY 26 APRIL
  • HAWICK Store – Opens 9am MONDAY 3rd MAY at Croft Road warehouse
🌏 Thank you to all our customers and supporters for your patience.
🌏 Christine and our fabulous team have been working incredibly hard on the Hawick store move, completing a full refurbishment of our new warehouse.  Wow!  We express our grateful thanks to each and everyone one of the Hawick team and generous volunteers.
🌏 Similarly we are grateful to the Walkerburn team for all their efforts in making our Walkerburn store look and feel great!  Thank you!
🌏 The Hawick office and stores are still closed until Monday 3rd May, however, our Walkerburn store (only) will open from Monday 26 April.
🌏 We can’t wait to welcome you back to Home Basics.  Exciting times at Home Basics!
🌏 Happy Earth Day Everyone!

ReOpening Monday 26th April (Walkerburn)

Home Basics are delighted to announce we are busy working to reopen our Walkerburn store on Monday 26th April.
Our Hawick store will follow opening their doors a week later on 3rd May at the new warehouse on Croft Road.
Presently we have a very small team working remotely, therefore, our office and stores are officially closed to the public until 26th April. As soon as we are permitted to lift government restrictions and welcome back the full team we are unable to handle all enquiries.
We will be working hard to keep our customers and supporters safe. Precautionary measures will once again be put in place across our stores to enable this and ensure we adhere to government guidelines.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Do Christmas Different This Year!

This year presented us all with an opportunity to remain mindful of our environment. We can choose to carry this awareness through our behaviours over Christmas.
We’ve three top tips today as we move through Advent.
🎄 Choose to Reuse: Save money; Prevent Waste; Seek out Unique Gifts; Support a Great Cause. The benefits are innumerable and ongoing! Visit and support as many of your local charity stores in the coming weeks to find all your one off gifts!
🌲 Choose Recycled Wrapping Paper or FSC® Certified Paper: Save and Reuse paper and gift bags received, for future wrapping.
🎄 Create Your Own Natural Decorations: Go for walk outside, in the woods if you’re able. Observe and absorb what is around you. Boost your wellbeing and get creative with your own decorating style.

We Have Been Blessed!

What a privilege Home Basics has been served with the presence of Nessie Henderson for her wonderful 14+ years of volunteering.  Nessie began volunteering at Home Basics Walkerburn store in March 2006 and recently retired in October 2020.

Her dedication and commitment to the cause has been a joy to be in the company of.  It’s believed she has worked with innumerable volunteers and staff over the years contributing to and witnessing the organisation’s growth to help more vulnerable people locally.

Nessie, 92 lived in Stockbridge in Edinburgh before moving through to the Scottish Borders with her husband and children Ben, Nicola, Ian and Mark.  Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother she continued to choose to make time in her busy schedule to give back to others with her work.  Through the years of her volunteer service, she has contributed to supporting countless vulnerable people locally through the work of Home Basics.

Nessie has many strings to her bow through her professional experience in office work, care homes and the hospitality industry whilst also supporting an array of local charitable causes and local committees.  Many individuals have benefitted from her skills, and the impact of her volunteering work over the years has touched and enhanced countless lives.

Somewhat of a local celebrity, popular in our community and known fondly to many Nessie represented Home Basics at Queen’s Golden Jubilee where she met Queen Elizabeth.  She is also known to have met Judy Garland!  But her notable humility has kept her feet grounded and authentic making her a true delight to bump into on any day.

Dennis Fisher, Business Manager at Home Basics shares, “Nessie, it has been an honour to have worked alongside you.  You are an absolute inspiration to all that have been fortunate to know you in character and your impressive discipline to put others before yourself.  We cannot thank you enough for the hours and years of volunteering you have gifted to Home Basics and its cause.  You and your hard work will be sadly missed.  Thank you, from us all.”

Nessie plans to use her time going forward enjoying her much loved gardening.  We all wish her well, and know the garden will be very impressive indeed!

Recycling Week 21 – 27 September 2020

Home Basics are a reuse organisation, seeking to prevent useable items from going to waste.  We are pleased to be part of the voice and growing desire to be conscientious about climate change.

This week the organisation WRAP are celebrating Recycling Week.

You can learn more about their campaign by visiting their website …

We are OPEN!! Monday to Friday.

We are delighted to be back open and thank all our customers for their support, custom and kind donations.

    • Walkerburn store is open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm
    • Hawick store is open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.

Please note we do ask customers to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.

Vigilant about Hygiene and Open to All!

Business as usual at Home Basics Walkerburn and Hawick.

Home Basics staff are vigilant about hygiene across our operations and working hard to provide an environment our customers feel comfortable shopping in given the recent Coronavirus alert.   We will continue to upload as much stock as possible on Facebook and our Website.  Please note items are one off and therefore subject to availability.  We cannot guarantee specific items are still available as customers check online at different times. The team in store can most accurately reflect stock availability and better discuss your needs.    We encourage you to phone the office to enquire or pop in, rather than contact via Facebook as we often respond remotely.

Many thanks for your support and ongoing custom.
We are open to all and look forward to welcoming you!